A Fine Thread and Other Stories

A Fine Thread and Other Stories is a collection of translations of 16 stories from among the countless written by the acclaimed author Jeyamohan in Tamil.
Each story explores rich and intriguing territories, ranging from art’s place in spirituality through the dreamy, incredible account of a young monk’s search for atonement for his ancestors’ curse in Shadow Crow, to the examination of the social injustice inflicted upon the Dalits of India and the ruthless questions thrown at the integrity and rectitude of the great souls like the Mahatma Gandhi in A Fine Thread, and Kwame Abacha in The Angel.
This collection presents characters in the midst of their personal and global quandaries. We meet two American reporters, who find themselves at the threshold of the Great Russian revolution and the construction of socialism; an obsessed electronics and communications engineer who tries to decipher the conversation of the mountains; a dreamy, native youth who discovers tranquility in nature; a young girl in search of meaning and exhilaration in this wonder called life.
Compellingly narrated, beautifully crafted, and packed with a density of ideas despite their fluid elegance, these stories provide an unflinching glimpse into the kaleidoscopic fictional world of a major Tamil writer of our times.
முந்தைய கட்டுரைவிழா நினைவுகள் – சாந்தி சாந்தமூர்த்தி
அடுத்த கட்டுரைஎம்.பி.டி.ஆச்சாரியா