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Cracking open the spine of The Abyss, the opening chapters invoked a vestigal memory of Beggar-master and his retinue. India is a country where even dirt sells. Humans are just another prime commodity. Suffering sells best. Know how to milk it.

In few chapters, Jeyamohan delivers a horrific, flinching tale of debased human experience. A tale where disability is exploited and encashed. Money passes through hands like water. The levels of cruelty and pain is horrific

Prriyankaa Singh | the.bookish.epicure

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முந்தைய கட்டுரைவிஷ்ணுபுரம் விருந்தினர்கள் 2023
அடுத்த கட்டுரைஆலயக்கலையினூடாக…. கடிதம்