Exploitative World Hidden in Plain Sight

Years ago, Tamil novelist Jeyamohan wrote Ezham Ulagam, which he says, in the foreword to the book’s English translation, sent him back into a world he had forced himself to forget. This English translation, he called The Abyss. Published in April by Juggernaut Books, The Abyss hurls its reader into a world hidden in plain sight — an exploitative world of begging cartels; a world where physical disabilities become currency not by empowering, but by reducing disability into commodities.

Jeyamohan’s The Abyss hurls readers into an exploitative world hidden in plain sight

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Tamil Nadu | Writer-critic B. Jeyamohan draws on his experiences living as a beggar in his 20s in new book The Abyss

‘The Abyss’ – an English translation of Jeyamohan’s Tamil novel ‘Ezhaam Ulagam’

Jeyamohan interview: Ezhaam Ulagam, or The Abyss, is a spiritual inquiry into beggars’ lives


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அடுத்த கட்டுரைவழி, பயணத்துக்கான ஓர் இணைய இதழ்